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The Get Home Safe Round

THIS ground-breaking road safety campaign aimed at sports players of all ages

has gained positive traction throughout South Australian Cricket Clubs.

For three years, the SACA Premier League had a dedicated “Get Home Safe Round”

highlighting the need for better attitudes on our roads.

Darren Davis, President of the Home Safe Foundation believes that the skills

and mindsets promoted and used on any field of play should be replicated on

the road.

“As coaches, leaders and players, we are expecting cricketers to remain focused,

look at the big picture, obey the rules, strive to constantly improve, work on our game,

do what’s best for our team, look after our teammates and respect the opposition.

We should be encouraging all road users to use the same skills and mindsets.

If we can create a safer ethos amongst our sporting communities, then we will make a big difference to our road toll. We know that there are major issues around, for example, drink driving after games. We want our senior players to be positive role models at their clubs so that the junior players grow up with a safe and responsible attitude on the road.

We held our first trial at Glenelg in 2019 and I must say that the whole clubroom was silent as our program Ambassador Eli Murn spoke about his bright future as an Olympic hopeful that was dashed by his self-confessed stupidity behind the wheel.”

Eli stated, “If I had taken as much pride in my driving as I did on the volleyball court I would be ok today. It’s too late for me but not for these players.”

Eli now suffers from a debilitating life-long brain injury because of his crash in the Adelaide foothills in 2004. “I wish I had this program available to me when I was playing sports.”

Former AFL player Stephen Patterson MP supported the initiative launch and gave a rousing speech in Parliament congratulating the Get Home Safe Foundation for such a powerful, and much needed initiative.

The long-term aim is for the Get Home Safe Foundation to raise funds to take this initiative to clubs of all codes. 


Piloted with great success at the Glenelg Grade Cricket Club, the Get Home Safe Round earned Glenelg the National Good Sports Safe Travels Award in 2021, awarded to Club President Jarret Moyse at Parliament House, Canberra.

Stephen Patterson MP has congratulated our program in State Parliament and there are plans to expand the initiative into other sports.

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