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The Get Home Safe Round

The Get Home Safe Foundation wants to create safer mindsets at all sports clubs.


We know that so many loved ones are lost or suffer life-changing injuries after enjoying a good time after a game or practice and then driving home.

We also know that younger players look up to the senior players at clubs and learn from them.

The Get Home Safe Round encourages players, parents, club supporters and staff to think about how to behave on our roads.

The skills that everyone works so hard to promote on the field of play; learn and obey the rules, maintain focus, look after your team-mates, look at the big picture, work hard to improve, respect others – these are also the skills and mindsets needed on our roads.

Dedicated road safety round for premier cricket

SACA Facebook Cover Photo.png

The South Australian Cricket Association has committed to an annual Get Home Safe Round. Road Safety now joins Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Mental Health Awareness as the three dedicated rounds  across the Premier League clubs. 

122 teams including juniors, mens and womens teams will play in the Get Home Safe Round each year.

Program Ambassador, Eli Murn stresses to players of all ages how he wishes that this program was around when he was a younger Olympic hopeful.


Eli was a high achieving, hard working, skillful Volley baller, but didn’t display the same standards as a driver.


He crashed his car at speed in the Adelaide Hills and instead of looking back at a wonderful sporting career he suffers a life long brain injury that has completely changed his life. When Eli talks, the clubroom goes silent.


Piloted with great success at the Glenelg Grade Cricket Club, the Get Home Safe Round earned Glenelg the National Good Sports Safe Travels Award in 2021, awarded to Club President Jarret Moyse at Parliament House, Canberra.

Stephen Patterson MP has congratulated our program in State Parliament and there are plans to expand the initiative into other sports.

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