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In Their Memory

This page is dedicated to the people that have been tragically lost on our roads.

We hope that the stories you read will serve as a reminder to everyone of how precious life is and how we all need to continue to encourage every road user to take care and get home safe to their families.

If you would like to add to our memory page please email your details to us and we would be honoured to include your family story as a dedication to your loved one(s).


In Loving Memory

Suzanne Caudell

The 16th January was no different to any other Wednesday at the Marlborough Roadworks in Central Qld. 

At 4.20pm I had given Suzanne her break from the road. She resumed her work on the top of the rise, just out of Marlborough. 

All the vehicles made their way north and Suzanne was about to send the water truck through when she noticed an on coming b double truck approaching the roadworks at speed. 

Suzanne kept the road open for him to travel safely through the roadworks. Messages were sent asking him to slow down through the work zone. 

At this point the truck driver left the road and drove on the footpath. There was no where for Suzanne to go. She was swallowed up in a cloud of dust. 

When the dust settled she was found 50 meters away in the middle of the road. 

Suzanne was not only a mother of 2 boys, married to Colin for 36 years, she was a traffic controller committed to safety at the roadworks and the mission statement of ensuring everyone had the opportunity to get home safely at the end of the day. 

Colin Caudell

In Loving Memory

Brooke Richardson

The frustrating thing for me as a mum was that I had discussed texting and driving with her only 12mths prior to the accident.

I think Brooke changed her ways for a while but then temptation set in again, and unfortunately she couldn’t see the danger of risk taking while driving.

Our bubbly, generous caring girl passed away instantly.

Sadly she will never have a family of her own and we are missing such a beautiful soul that made many people smile each day.




In Loving Memory

Shanae Lyall & Troy Lyall

Our family tree was severed at its trunk..

No children, No grandchildren to cherish, No more family celebrations – EVER.

All we can do now is to continue trying to get the Road Safety message out there – the one thing YOU can do is make sure –


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