Our Constitution has been reviewed.

The two links below give you access to our existing and our proposed updated Constitution.

Here is a summary of the proposed changes to our current Constitution.




Get Home Safe Foundation (GHSF) Members are advised by the Board that the Board has reviewed our current Constitution which has been in place since the Foundation was formed 4 years ago. The governing document has served the organisation well in enabling a strong establishment and more rapid growth of the GHSF than was ever thought possible. The Board believes that it is now time to establish a new Constitution for the future if the Members agree. The proposed new constitution is available on the GHSF website for members’ information.

The rules and landscape of the not-for-profit sector has changed in the last 5 years and our Constitution needs some changes to fit the modern rules and regulations. Rather than work in a piecemeal way to update a few clauses, our legal advice was to review the whole document to make it consistent with the new suggested constitution template of the Australian Not for Profit Commission. There are no changes to our aims, objects and reasons for existing. We are still passionately and overtly committed to advancing education and security or safety of Australia or the Australian public. The Board has been working on this for about a year in time for the coming AGM.

More specifically the key changes in the recommended new constitution include the following:

  1. Simpler document and easier to understand while remaining a charitable Company limited by Guarantee.

  2. Membership categories are simplified, and the Associate Member category is removed while it is made easier to both:

    •  become a Member in the actual application process and

    •  to leave membership if a member wishes to resign.

  3. Quorum for voting on decisions at general meetings is higher ensuring Members may choose to have more involvement in decision-making and Board elections.

  4. Chairperson no longer holds an extra casting vote to ensure strong majority decisions are made.

  5. Board Membership is simpler with all elected and appointed board members being Directors with equal rights rather than multiple types of board member.

    • Between 5 and 7 Directors to be elected by Members

    • Up to 2 additional Directors to be appointed by the Board

    • Board may appoint an advisor to sit on and assist the Board

    • Terms may only be extended beyond 3 continuous full 3-year terms by special resolution.

  6. Fees would now be able to be paid to Directors for their work as a Director and/or undertake non-Director work for the Foundation – but only by unanimous vote of the Board.

  7. Quorum at Directors meetings has been increased to be ‘more than 50%’.

  8. Removal of the need to use a Company Seal on documents.

  9. No longer a need for ‘small’ charities to have an annual external audit.


Special Resolution for AGM 28/11/2022

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