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About Us

The Get Home Safe Foundation has been created for the purpose of developing, producing, delivering and supporting road safety initiatives.

We are a not-for profit organisation that relies on funding to help us develop and support programs that create better road user behaviours, knowledge, and attitudes.

We aim to support road safety groups across Australia with mentorship, funds and any support that is required.

Our Foundation is not controlled by any Federal or State Government Department and is not owned or controlled by any corporation.

The Foundation is independent and aims to work with all road safety agencies and stakeholders to create connections that link the various programs delivered across Australia. This means that our Foundation will work with (not in competition with) other road safety organisations. Collaboration is our key strategy to create safer roads.

Through research of global best practices we want to help Australians to become the safest road users in the world.

As our funds grow, our ability to support and deliver road safety initiatives will grow.

Our experienced and passionate Board promises to work tirelessly to make our roads safer so that everybody gets home safe to their families-every time.

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