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Our Aims

Through research of global best practices we want to help Australians to become amongst the safest road users in the world.

The following points represent some of our main aims as a Foundation.

  1. Provide additional support for community road safety initiatives and programs.

  2. Provide training resources for Primary and High school students, parents and supervising drivers.

  3. Provide programs that support those who are less able to finance professional driver training– possibly by providing workshops or training through Youth organisations.

  4. To change the culture of all road users by promoting a commitment to “Get Home Safe”.

  5. To research social and economical changes that have made a difference in other States and countries around the world.

  6. To raise awareness of the devastating social and economic costs of failing to adequately address Road Safety Issues.

  7. To achieve a yearly reduction in road deaths and injuries.

  8. To engage all members of communities from primary schools to senior groups by producing and supporting community education programs.

  9. To provide and develop a link between current road safety and awareness programs through political means, encouraging organisations to provide a more connected and coherent plan for road safety education, particularly in schools.

  10. Develop, deliver and support programs that are seen as effective, supportive, and ground-breaking, which other States and countries will seek to replicate.

  11. Provide a totally independent outlet for the media to contact for discussions and comments regarding road awareness and other road safety matters. We want to be a constructive and independent voice regarding road safety.

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