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Regional Road Safety Alliance

We know that regional roads are our most dangerous. We also know that regional volunteer road safety groups are struggling for support, mentorship and ideas. We want to resurrect the groups that have fallen away, help to create new groups and help existing groups to flourish.

South Australia will be the pilot State with the aim to add other States in the future.


An annual conference will give members of regional groups the chance to learn from road safety experts, network and brain-storm ideas at the open forum, develop better knowledge regarding road safety, learn how to implement road safety programs and enjoy being a part of a bigger group that supports their individual communities.

The Foundation has been formed with the sole purpose of making our roads safer. We have the utmost respect for the work that regional road safety groups have done over the years. Because of this, our focus in the near future will be to form an alliance that will be able to support road safety groups in ways that have never been done before.


We want to create a road safety group partnership that allows groups across the state to flourish. Only you know the true issues in your communities and we want to be a supporting agency that will help you to create, develop and deliver solutions in your area. By belonging to a larger alliance, your group will have a bigger voice… A voice that will be heard.


What do you need to do? Carry on as you are is the answer.


We are not after your money. In fact the hope is that as our Foundation grows we will be able to give you funds for your projects.


Our aims

  • To have as many groups as possible from all areas of South Australia in our alliance.

  • We will listen to your issues and help to find solutions.

  • We will put you in touch with other communities that may have dealt with similar problems successfully.

  • We will host annual conferences that will give your group members the chance to network and hear from road safety experts.

  • Where possible we will come to your area, meet your group members and see first hand what issues you have.

  • We will provide an active connection between your group and Government.


We want to be a constant support so that your group can grow in size as well as stature in your community.


This is an exciting time to be involved in community road safety.


If your group would like to join our alliance please contact us with details of your group.


Ideally we would like contact details for two members of your group so that we can keep you informed of all developments that are relevant to your community, as well as letting you know latest news and events that might benefit your group.

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