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It’s an honour to be asked to be an ambassador for the Get Home Safe Foundation.  As someone who has driven for more than 50 years I think it is important for older drivers to consider if we are still “roadworthy.”  As senior drivers we need to be confident that we are medically fit and able to drive safely. Remember it is a privilege to be allowed to drive on our roads and one which can’t be taken lightly.  


I hope to focus on sharing the message of senior drivers acting responsibly and encouraging families of older drivers to be aware of how their parent or grandparent is handling life behind the wheel and how to encourage them when the time is right to surrender their license.

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Kelly Golding

Channel 7 Presenter / Writer

Kelly started her television career as a weather presenter in 2003. She has a passion for great food and wine and a very personal reason for her involvement in road safety.

“I’m proud to support the Get Home Safe Foundation whose sole purpose is to keep people safe on our roads, through awareness and education.


I know the heart breaking feeling of loss with the tragic death of my brother Matthew in 2009, and the devastating ongoing effect on family and friends. I believe together we can make a difference.”


AFL Player – Adelaide Crows – 1991 to 1999

Rod stated that he was “Humbled and Honoured” to be named as an Ambassador for the Get Home Safe Foundation.

As a parent, Rod knows the importance of Road Safety education within our local and regional communities, and will be a great supporter to our Foundation.

Rod was the Adelaide Crow’s leading goal kicker in 1991, before spending most of his later career in the midfield and backline. He was well known for his superb long kicking and played in Adelaide’s 1997 premiership win.

In recent years, Rod has been a valuable part of the Crows Foundation Board, helping to raise money for Children’s causes

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Todd Hazelwood

V8 Supercars Driver

Todd rose very quickly through the racing ranks. Starting with dirt and sprint karting, Todd progressed to Formula Ford, then Formula 3. In 2014 Todd started his first Super 2 Series and within three seasons was crowned Champion. Todd is now a rising star in the Supercar Championship – racing for the Brad Jones Racing team.

“I am very proud to be an ambassador for the Get Home Safe Foundation. Road Safety is a subject that I am very passionate about as I feel there is a lack of education and understanding throughout Australia. It is key that we continue to help our younger generation and keep our friends and families safe on our roads. I have been very fortunate in my profession to understand the dangers of motor vehicles, variable weather and road conditions to help understand how to drive safely. Hopefully with my background and knowledge, I can help make a difference to our community.” 

Eli Murn

Crash survivor and Road Safety Advocate

A life of endless possibilities lay ahead of me until I crashed my car into a tree on May 19, 2004.

If only I had ‘got home safe’ that night.

I had a healthy competitive spirit, and some decent sporting talent – I still have the competitive spirit, mostly now I compete with the brain injury I suffered that night, and the sporting talent is but a memory, as I watch from the sidelines.

Growing up I loved playing most sports, always striving to compete.

I played Volleyball socially, at a club level, and at State and Australian Sports Institute level – having been selected for the Under 17 and Under 18 State teams – I was sought out by the Sports Institute and trained in Canberra and Queensland as a prospective Olympian.


All these opportunities disappeared on that May night, along with taking up the offer of Studying for a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition which I had achieved as a mature age student.


I now have a very different focus in life, while working constantly to keep mentally and physically conditioned to the best my brain injury allows, (rehabilitation never ends) I mentor other young people who are in rehabilitation with Brain Injuries predominantly through irresponsible driving/

I welcome the opportunity to speak to as many young drivers, and prospective drivers as possible, about safe driving and the choices they make, along with the devastating consequences of poor choices.


The ‘Get Home Safe’ Foundation gives me a voice for which I am very grateful, as I work towards changing the ‘mind-set’ of those with wonderful opportunities ahead of them – if only they

‘Get Home Safe’

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