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We had a lovely time!

Guests joined our Women Against Road Toll Ambassador - Channel 7 and Smooth FM Presenter Kelly Golding at this year's wonderful High Tea.

This annual event has grown every year and highlights the crucial role that women have regarding family road safety.


More than ever, we all need to fight against road toll. This is a wonderful way to help raise awareness, raise funds for the Get Home Safe Foundation, and at the same time enjoy the iconic Stamford Grand High Tea with loved ones. 

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This year's guest speaker was fascinating and inspirational - Genevieve Rueger.

After serving in the Australian Defence Force for 22 years as an Army Officer and Helicopter Pilot, Genevieve is now a Firefighter with the SA Metropolitan Fire Service and a Firebomber Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot for Aerotech.

She grew up in the Adelaide hills with two big brothers, attended Seymour College, and joined the Army via the Australian Defence Force Academy at 17 years of age. Her military career included operational deployments to East Timor and Afghanistan.

Genevieve is thrilled to have returned to SA with husband, Mike, to raise their two children: Kayley (12) and Lachie (10). Career highlights include being inducted to the SA Women’s Honor Roll and dropping her children off at school in a helicopter on International Women’s Day 2018.

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We had hundreds of entries for this year's competition.

Well done to everyone who sent in their amazing posters.


We are proud to partner with the Government of South Australia and the Think! Road Safety team to produce campaigns that speak to all road users.

The videos below feature two of our Ambassadors who are passionate about road safety.

The "Keep it off the road" campaign has been widely regarded as having a game changing impact on race fans attending the 2022 Adelaide 500. 

We are thrilled to be asked to partner the SA Government and Think! Road Safety again this year.


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Celebrities from around the world share their family favourites and their thoughts on road safety. Cook with the stars with this unique, historic cook book.

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The daisy is the Get Home Safe Foundation's symbol.

The daisy is representative of a new beginning.


Our new beginning represents a new approach to road safety. With less emphasis on statistics and more dedication to collaboration with families and other road safety stakeholders we are here to make a difference.

The daisy also represents innocence, purity and true love. It is this unconditional love that we have for our families and friends, and their safety.

We will strive to bring road safety messages and education to metro and regional communities nationally and internationally so that more people 

GET HOME SAFE to their families.

Join us in our fight against road toll. Become an Associate Member or Corporate Partner to help us create, deliver and support road safety initiatives now and into the future.

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